frequently asked questions


When and how should i plan my cruise?

Yacht rental period for the new season begins at the end of summer (October-November) every year.

Yacht Rental Process;

1-See how many persons you will be, and how many cabins you need.

2-Look at your budget and decide if you like to join a cabin charter/sharing trip, or you prefer to have a private yacht. (boats are available from standard to super-luxury, for almost every budget)

3-Than you choose the location, itinerary and sailing period. (usually the trips are weekly, from Saturday to Saturday)

4-Send us an e-mail with that information, so we can make the best offer for you.

5-After finding your perfect boat, we will send you a signed ‘Yacht Rental Agreement’ which you will sign, scan and send back to us. A down payment of 50% is required for complete the booking. Once the aggrement is signed,  the down payment has to be done within one week (7 days) This can be transferred to our bank account or with a credit card via ‘mail order form’

Now your booking is confirmed. You can make your other arrangements and start to get exited for your upcoming holiday.

For private boats, the rest of the amount will be paid at your arrival on board in cash.

On cabin charter bookings; the remainin amount will be charged 30 days prior to your trip.

The peak season can be busy.

We recommend you to book in advance so you can have more boat options and benefit from early booking discounts. However, it does not mean that you will not find any available yachts unless you do so. In any case, we will find a boat for you and you can still benefit from last minute discounts.

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What is the sailing season?

The sailing period for the Mediterranean seas are; from the begining of April to the end of October. The bussiest, hot and most expensive peak season is July and August.


Which type of boat is suitable for us?

Private Gulet Charter: Chartering a private gulet offers you ultimate comfort, privacy and flexibility on the menu, itinerary and provisioning. The gulet and crew are dedicated only to your party. On our fleet you can choose a gulet starting at minimum 2 cabins to 16 cabins for your party. We present our yachts in our gulet fleet under four main categories; Super Luxury, Luxury, Standard Plus and Standard.
Sharing / Cabin Charter: If you have difficulties to compose a group, you can join one of our regular tours and charter one or more cabin. On board you will have a chance to meet other participans from all around the world while enjoying one of the most unique and relaxing holidays in the Mediterranean. As the cabin charter reservation continue until the last minute, we can give the boats name one day before the departure. The itineraries, menus and ports of embarkation and disembarkation for the cabin charters are fixed and cannot be altered.

Bareboat Charter: (also known as Independent yacht charter) is where you hire and sail the yacht yourself. This is a great way for qualified sailors to really get away from it all. Sailing independently means you can get really off the beaten track and enjoy small bays and harbours inaccessible to large tourist boats or crews sailing as part of a flotilla. Whether you are looking to sail with your other half, friends or family we can advise you on the best places to go and the best boat for your group and budget. 

Motoryacht Charter: Motor yacht chartering combines the service and friendliness of an elegant hotel with complete freedom to explore amazing destinations without ever worrying about the crowds. If you want a fast boat and freedom to explore, privacy, service, pampering, great food and well-mixed drinks, then we highly recommend a crewed motor yacht charter. The crew is dedicated to the yacht and lovingly care for it, crewed yachts are generally in excellent condition. Prices are accordingly at the high end.


What are the differences between Standard, Standard Plus, Luxury and Super Luxury classes yachts?

Standard Yachts: Boats in this class are designed in the same structure, there is no air conditioning. Each cabin has a private shower and toilet. Rental prices are affordable. 
Standard Plus Yachts: They are standard boats with air conditioning. Rental prices are affordable. 
Luxury Yachts: The boats in this class have larger cabins than the standard vessels. Each cabin has a private bathroom and air conditioning. Relatively new and well-kept boats. Suitable for rental rates.

Super Luxury Yachts: Super luxury boats have been designed taking into account the needs of all types of guests who are looking for a custom-made. All the rooms are air-conditioned and individually decorated. No expense was spared. Boats are equipped with the latest technology of equipment. New and spectacular boats. Rates are also determined by taking into consideration.


What is included in charter fees?

Private Yacht Charter: Petrol (except speed boats/motoryachts) , all charter and berth taxes, harbour and mooring expenses in Turkish waters, transit-log, electric, water, bed linen equipments, towels, dinghy with outboard.

Cabin Charter: Full Board meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner) , petrol, all charter and berth taxes, harbour and mooring expenses, transitlog, electric, water, bed linen equipments, towels, dinghy with outboard.


What is not included in charter fees?

Private Yacht Charter: Harbour taxes and mooring expenses in Greek waters, supplys (food and drinks, sanitary products, cooking water and gas), land excursions and airport transfer. 
Cabin Charter: Soft drinks, bottled water and alcoholic beverages; these can be bought from the bar on board. Land excursions and airport transfers.


How is life on Board and what do i do on a Charter?
On our exclusive tailor-made tours your yacht will anchor in 2 or 3 bays daily depending on your chosen itinerary and there will be a maximum of 4 hours cruising per day. The last stop will be the place where you will stay for the night. Usually the motor will be used to power the yacht. However, from time to time if the wind/ weather conditions permit, your crew will be happy to use the sails as well. All of our vessels are equipped with a dingy, which is fitted with an outboard engine. For our customers use; there is fishing and snorkeling equipment. Some of our boats also have windsurf, canoe, water sports equipment and jet-ski. Once the gulet is moored you will have free time to visit any archaeological ruins, take a little walk in to the pine forests and generally explore the beautiful coastline. Reading your book and having a siesta under the shade with a breeze may be another option. Of course, sea-lovers can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. We can also organize private land excursions upon your request to the nearby local towns, ancient sites and natural attractions. At night, you can decide to stay in a quite bay, or to stay at the harbour for do some shopping or go out at night. You may prefer to have a glass of raki, listen to some music and join the barbecue party on the upper deck with your friends. Your captain will choose the best itinerary that is most suitable for you and do everything to make sure that you have a fantastic holiday.


What is a Gulet?

Gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel from the southwestern coast of Turkey, particularly built in the coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris; although similar vessels can be found all around the Mediterranean. Today, this type of vessel, varying in size from 15 to 40 metres, is popular for tourist charters. They usually cruise with its engine, but gulets also set their sails if the wind direction fits to the route and strong enough to sail.


What is a Blue Cruise?

A Blue Cruise, also known as a Blue Voyage or a Blue Tour, is a term used for recreational voyages in the mediterranean, specially along the Turkey's southwestern coast along the Aegean coastline. The cruise allows participants to enjoy a week-long trip aboard the iconic local gulet schooners to ancient cities, harbors, tombs, mausolea, and intimate beaches in the numerous small coves, lush forests, and tranquil streams that lace the country's Turquoise Coast.


What about Food & Drinks on Board?

On private charters; menus and drinks will be decided before the trip according to your requests and preferences. Drinks can be ordered by the crew at any time. Guests can decide about the daily meals. The meals during the cruise are freshly prepared by the cook on board and are of a high standard.

On cabin charters; drinks can be purchased from the bar on board. Breakfast, lunch, tea-coffee time and diner is served daily on board.

The meals during the cruise are freshly prepared by the cook on board and are of a high standard. We may also recommend some local fish restaurants on your route for you to sample on a few occasions if you would like to. If you have any special requests (religious preferences - health oriented) these can be organized if notice is given beforehand. 

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Can you cater special diets?

We can cater all kind of special menus for dietary requirements on private yacht charters. On cabin charters; we can only serve alternative menu for vegetarians.


Can i bring drinks on board?

It is possible to bring your drinks from outside to the boat on private yacht rentals. But it is not allowed to bring your drinks to the boat on cabin charters. Here, drinks can be bought from the yacht’s bar.


What is the charter time schedule?

On weekly charters; at the day of arrival, boarding begins after 14:00 o’clock. Private charters can leave the harbor by late afternoon, cabin charters leave next morning.  At the day of departure, guests leave the boat after breakfast, until 10:30 o’clock. On shorter trips, this times can be regulated.


How about air condition on board?

For the air condition, power from the shore or a generator on board is necessary. Only the super-luxury yachts will have 2 generators and 24 hours continuously air-condition. Even you have booked a luxury gulet or cabin charter with air-condition, it will be used 2 hours in the morning and from 20:00 to 24:00 o’clock in the evening to cool down the cabins during the hot months. At night in a quite bay, the noise of the generator can be disturbing. So usually it is turned off. Many guests also prefer to sleep outside, on the upper deck.

Can i charge my mobile phone, laptop or camera on board ?

Inside the harbors; there is always 220 volts electricity for all boats. Outside the harbor; luxury yachts have always electricity from a generator or inverter. Standard gulets and cabin charters have an inverter, which is turned on for electricity at certain times of the day.


Is there a internet connection / wi-fi on board?

On luxury yachts; there is a unlimited WLAN internet connection on boat. On standard gulets and cabin charters; there is not. In almost every place we visit, there is the cellular data network signal.


What should i bring with me?

Travel documents; Participants must be in possession of a valid passport or ID (expiring not earlier than one month after the cruise ends) and should obtain visas and health certificates where required. All requirements should be confirmed with appropriate government consulate or information office prior to departure. It is passenger’s responsibility to obtain any visas, passports, health certificates or other travel documentation required.

Luggage and clothing; Please travel as lightly as possible so as not to restrict any space in your cabin. Soft bags are more practical than hard suitcases. Sports or casual clothes are more useful. Plenty of swimwear is required and a pullover or cardigan is recommended for cool evenings. Comfortable walking shoes are suggested when ashore. High protection sun lotion, sun protection cap, protection lipstick, camera or/and handy-cam. Also; a book, games, a music instrument, a mp3 player, snorkeling equipment or fishing gear can be a good idea.


How much Money should i have on me?

After you have done your payment for the boat, you don't need to have to much cash with you. Some change for visiting the ancient sites and museums, for souveniers and your private needs. Most of the shops and restaurants do accept credit cards and foreign currency. The guests joining a cabin charter, need some cash to pay the drinks on the boat. At the harbours there are banks for exchange all currencys and travellers cheques.


How much do i tip the crew?

A crew gratuity is both customary and discretionary. 5% of the base charter fee is usually the norm depending totally on your discretion. It is usually given to the captain at the end of the charter and divided equally among the crew members. It can also be given separately. You don't have to give a tip, it depends on you.


What are the health requirements and what about passengers with special needs?

Due to safety reasons it is requested that physical disabilities of any kind be advised at time of reservation. It is understood that passengers require special attention or treatment will be travelling with their escorts. The company retains the right to refuse to embark any pregnant woman beyond the 6th month of pregnancy. Our boats are not suitable for passengers with special needs. Embarkation gang ways do not fit all types of wheel chairs. Cabin bathrooms and stair cases are unsuitable for disabled passengers. 


What will the weather and sea temparature be like?

April, May and October’s air temperature in this part of the mediterranean, range between 20°C and 26°C and are much cooler then at the height of the season. Air temperatures for June, July and August are hot, ranging from 30°C to 38°C. It is not humid and unlikely to see rain at the height of summer. The sea temparature in this part of the mediterranean is 19°C in April, and warming up to 30°C by October.


How many crew are on the boat?

It depends on the yacht size and passenger capacity. A captain and a cook/sailor is certain. Usually 2-3 crew for 4 cabin yachts, 3 crew for 6 cabin yachts and 4-6 crew for more than 8 cabin and super luxury yachts.


Do you arrange transfers?

Yes, we can arrange your transfers from/to the airport or hotel, depending on your request. A private tour guide is also possible to order if you wish so.


Can i arrange land excurtions during the charter?

For the private yacht rentals we can organize private and special land tours for you. According to your cruise schedule, different options are available. A private tour guide is also possible to order if you wish so. For Cabin Charters you can join our regular Dalyan-Caunos or Village tours.


How about safety and insurance on boat?

Our yachts offer a high standard of safety and comply with local government and international regulations of IMO. (international maritime organisation, UN) All boats are beeing inspected rugularly by the serveyors of the harbour masters. All seaman are trained regarding to the international convention of STCW. (standards of training Certification and watckeeping) The life jackets, life raft, fire extinguishers and all technical equipment are checked and only after that authorization the boat is allowed on sea. The upper deck surrounded with hand-rails. For emergencys there is a dinghy with a motor. Also all guests, crew members and vessels are fully insured at all times.


Do i need to buy insurance during the charter?

The yacht, crew members and guests remains insured by the owner during your charter. However we advise all charterers to consider cancellation and curtailment insurance. You may also consider personal accident or medical insurance plus personal effects insurance, which is generally not included in the charter fee.


Will i experience seasickness?

The Mediterranean sea is usually calm in the summer season. But the situation is hard to predict. In fact you may be the best judge based on previous experience. If you are worried about seasickness, check with your local pharmacist for special medication before you leave home. Otherwise; let the crew know; they will make your trip as comfortable as possible by recomending routes in protected waters and give you some pills if necessary.


Can i bring snorkelling equipment?

Certainly! It is actually advisable to bring your own mask and snorkel. There are also masks on board, however you can never be sure how many people have used the snorkel before you.


Can i catch fish during the trip?

It is allowed by the law, to catch fishes up to a certain size and amount. Although there are restrictions for some species. Usually there is a simple fishing gear on the boats, and the captain will advise you about it.


Can i do scuba diving?

Scuba diving equipment is not advisable unless you have booked a scuba holiday. In most areas in the Aegean and Mediterranean scuba diving is prohibited. It is only allowed in some areas, with a permition for foreighners and a Turkish quide diver. At most citys and towns, there are licenced scuba diving boats doing day trips which you can join.


What about water sports?

Almost all the boats have canoes and it is free for use. Some luxury and super luxury yachts have wind-surf, water-ski, wake-board, paddle-board, ringo, banana, jet-ski. Please check individually for each boat. Speed boats are not allowed inside the bays. Petrol for the water sports is not included in the prices. This will be paid directly to the captain. The crew will advise you for the possible places to enjoy your rides.


Can i plan my own itinerary?

This is possible for private yacht charters. But the main itinerary, embarkation and disembarkation harbors must be fixed at the time of booking. Some changes can be made during the tour. But on cabin charters, tours are made according to pre-scheduled programmes.

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Can i embark and disembark from different harbors?

This maybe possible on private rentals, but must be fixed at the time of booking. Also you will be charged an additional cost. The cost varies according to the distance between the two harbours. Please ask for the one way supplements. But on cabin charters, tours are made according to pre-scheduled programmes.


Can i visit some Greek islands?

This maybe possible on private rentals, but must be fixed at the time of booking. We can design an itinerary that includes one or more of the Greek islands. Be aware that you will be charged an additional cost, becouse Greek port duties are not included in the prices. Those fees must be paid by charterer when entering Greek harbours. Embarkation and disembarkation must be at a Turkish port.


Do i need any qualifications for sailing on board?

No qualifications are required for skippered, crewed or gulet holidays. For skippered holidays you can assist in handling the yacht according to the skipper’s instructions or you can just watch and relax with sailing. Only when you are doing a bareboat charter, you will need a qualification and sailing skills.


Is smoking permitted on board?

Smoking is not permitted inside the yachts for safety reasons and for the comfort of future charter guests. You can only smoke on the outher deck.


Can i take babies on board?

Yes, you can take babies on board only for the private yacht rentals. But it is not allowed to take a baby or a child under 12 years old for the cabin charters.


Can i bring my pet on board?

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board for several reasons. Crew is required to maintain rigid cleanliness standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergens from animal remaining on board. Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising can be quite uncomfortable and dangerous for pets.