food and drinks on board


You get to enjoy a full Mediterranean culinary experience during the entire cruise.

Our chefs are serving a traditional Mediterranean breakfast, lunch and dinner, made using authentic recipes and high quality groceries. Every meal is envisioned to fit the charterers profile and showcase why Mediterranean cooking is hailed as the healthiest cooking culture in the world. food and drinks on board

OPTION-1: You can do catering (food & drinks, sanitary products, cooking gas, ice etc.) yourself and bring all supplys on board.


OPTION-2: You can send us a catering list. We will provide everthing before you arrive on board. You pay the invoice at your embarkation.


OPTION-3: You can purchase a 'Full Board' service;

  • F.B. supplement with standard menu is € 60.- per person / per day.
  • F.B. supplement with luxury menu is € 80.- per person / per day.
  • Unlimited local beverages  is + € 40.- per person / per day.


Child discount for full board & beverages; 0-5 yrs. free and 6-12 yrs. is 50%

- Food service consists of breakfast, lunch, five o'clock tea&coffee and dinner.

- Luxury menu includes; imported products, more meat, special seafood and egzotic fruits...

In any of the 3 options; menus will be decided before the trip according to your requests and preferences. 

- Special requests, religious preferences or health-dietary oriented requirements will be considered if notice is given beforehand.

- All food and beverages are prepared according to your taste by the cook on board and served by the staff.

- If you choose to supply your own food and beverages, your calculations should include your yachts crew members as well.

- Unlimited local beverages are; water, soda, tonic, all soft drinks, fruit juices, ice tea, local beer, local wine, local alcoholic spirits. breakfast table on boat


A typical Mediterranean breakfast is light, but rich in proteins and energy. 

It includes bread, butter, jam, honey, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, sausage, salami, eggs, borek, black tea and coffee.

On request; pancakes, cereals, nutella, milk, yoghurt, fruits... fish lunch on boat


Mediterranean people generally eat vegetables and fresh fish for lunch. All fish is served fresh and bought either from the local fish market or self-caught while your are on tour.

A typical daily lunch will include a few sorts of appetizers 'mezes', salads, grains, boiled or grilled vegetables or fish as main course, dessert and fruits... dinner table on board


After enjoying your wonderful day on board with swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing and relaxing, the day will be concluded with a dinner on board. Occasionally, the fire grill will be set up in front of the boat.

The dinner will surely include a few sorts of appetizers 'mezes', rice or pasta. The surprize of the day can be fried cheese rolls 'sigara börek', baked cheese mushrooms or garlic bread...

A seafood dinner includes; baked or grilled fish and other sea food like shrimp, squid or octopus.

A meat dinner includes; baked or grilled beef, lamb or chicken with potatoes and vegetables.

Dessert and fruits for the final...

Menu For A Week - Private Yacht Charter
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Shopping List - Private Yacht Charter
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Daily Breakfast; Breakfast consists of fresh coffee, black tea, fresh orange juice, milk, bread, toast, butter, jam, honey, nutella, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, an assortment of cheeses, sausage, salami, eggs, borek, cereals and pancakes…

Day-1 / Dinner;  Mixed salad, roasted aubergine salad, mashed zucchini with garlic yoghurt, peas in a lemon, olive oil and garlic sauce, fried cheese  rolls, baked fish with vegetables, chocolate pudding and fruits...

Day-2 / Lunch;   Salads, bulgur rice, green beans with tomato sauce, cacık (tzatziki), fried chicken fingers, fruits…

            Dinner;   Mashed broad beans, broccoli with lemon and garlic sauce, potato salad, green salad, baked mushrooms, rice, grilled lamb and beef,    ice cream, fruits…

Day-3 / Lunch;   Greek salad with feta cheese, humous,  fried mixed vegetables with tomato sauce, spaghetti bolognaise, fruits…

            Dinner;   Green salad, roasted carrots with yoghurt sauce, steamed vegetables with herbs, octopus salad, fried calamari, grilled fish, roasted  tahini halva, fruits…

Day-4 / Lunch;   Mixed salad, fried aubergine with yoghurt sauce, baked spinach pastry, dolma (rice stuffed green peppers), fruits...

            Dinner;   Cream of mushroom soup, yoghurt with spices, fried pastry with cheese or salami, rice with spice and vegetables, roasted leg of lamb,  ice cream, fruits…

Day-5 / Lunch;   Green salad, fried vegetables with yoghurt sauce, steamed couliflower and sprouts, french fries, meat balls, fruits…

            Dinner;   Fish soup, tomato salad, green pea salad with mayonnaise, steamed patatoes, shrimps in garlic sauce, fried fish, baklava (dessert), fruits...

Day-6 / Lunch;   Salads, beet with garlic, yoghurt with cucumber and spices, rice with tomato sauce, baked mince stuffed aubergines, fruits…

            Dinner;   Mixed salad, small chopped tomato, pepper, onion with spices, purslane with yoghurt, steamed vegetables and potatoes, grilled beef steak, pudding, fruits...

Day-7 / Lunch;   Tomato salad, celery with yoghurt and garlic, fried zucchini patties, fried rice, baked chicken with vegetables, fruits...

            Dinner;   Tuna salad, cheese filled pepper, boiled beans with onion, garlic and lemon, roasted cuttle fish, grilled fish skewers, sweet dessert, fruits…

Daily 5 o'clock; Afternoon tea and coffee is served with cookies, cakes, pastry or crepes...


Our chefs lend their creative talents and vast knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine.

Their creations are simple and delicious, combining fresh vegetables and traditional seafood and meat dishes allowing international travelers to get a taste of Mediterranean culinary style and culture. Breakfast, lunch, 5 o'clock tea & coffee and dinner will be served daily. food and drinks cabin charter


- The cabin charter price includes 7 nights 'Full Board' accomodation service. 

- Full Board service consists of breakfast, lunch, five o'clock tea & coffee with cookies and dinner.

- We can serve alternative menu for vegetarians if notice is given beforehand.

- It is not allowed to bring drinks from outside of the boat. Drinks can be purchased from the yacht’s bar.

- Available on the boats bar; water, soda, tonic, all soft drinks, fruit juices, ice tea, beer, wine, alcoholic spirits.

- Price list for the drinks can be seen at the bar and payments are done directly to the crew.


Breakfast; bread, butter, two kinds of jam, honey, black olives, feta and cheddar cheese, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, fruits, milk, tea&coffee...

Lunch; chicken, green salad, grilled aubergines with yoghurt sauce, green beans, sauteed mushrooms, fried rice, fruits...

Dinner; grilled fish/meat, mixed salad, roasted carrots in yoghurt sauce, steamed vegetables, fried cheese rolls, french fries, spaghetti, fruits... cabin charter breakfast cabin charter table cabin charter fish dinner